Our Recent Blogs for the Women’s Health Research Cluster

Sharing scientific research in a clear and accessible manner to a lay audience is an important part of the work we do. Members of our lab regularly contribute to the blog run by the Women’s Health Research Cluster. The Women’s Health Research Cluster is a multidisciplinary network of researchers & stakeholders that catalyzes, expands, and promotes impactful research to advance women’s health.




Some recent blogs by Galea Lab members include:

Menstrual Irregularities and the Covid-19 Vaccine by Romina Garcia de Leon, Jennifer Richard, Liisa Galea
Pregnancy and Mental Health: New Research Paves the Way for Better Treatment by Wansu Qiu and Katherine Moore
Behind the Science by Bonnie Lee
Diversity in Academia: Personal Experience and Advice from a Post-doctoral Fellow by Travis Hodges